Learn How To Use Your VOice With Confidence

Learning to use your voice is one of the most vital skills you can master. With it, you can sing beautiful songs for people you love, grab the attention of a room with ease or use your voice to influence those around you

Some Feedback From Our Singing Clients:

by Jamie on Happy Voices
awesome lessons

I have had lessons with lots of different teachers over the years. Hannah is, without doubt, the best I teacher of the lot. She takes time to explain exercises, some of which seem odd but later make sense. She takes time to get in touch with you after with a follow up email detailing what we did in lesson, what to work on and what our aims are. And my voice - I understand it better now than before so much! I have confidence to use my voice in a more varied and engaging way. Awesome lessons!

by Natasha on Happy Voices
Really helpful!

I found Hannah really helpful when I went to her to prepare for an audition, she made me feel safe and confident when singing in front of her and had some really useful tips for singing and acting a part. Would definitely reccommend her to anyone who needs a confidence boost or wants to improve their singing skills!

by Liam on Happy Voices
The Confidence Boost I Needed!

I have been nervous about my using my voice for years. My friends are huge karaoke fans and I have felt a bit left out of it all because of my lack of confidence. I approached Hannah to help me get myself to a level where I could join in. I learned how my voice works, how to look after it, some warm up techniques to practice and a song to focus on. When the next night out arrived, I was still nervous about going on stage, but was absolutely thrilled to take part. It's something I thought I could never do. Thank you so much!

by Iain on Happy Voices
A wonderful teacher

I started working with Hannah just over 8 months ago. I was a complete novice. I had never sung in front of anyone before... Recently I have just been featured in my first musical as a minor principle and ensemble. Hannah is patient and extremely knowledgeable. She works with you to determine your ability and her vocal warm ups are great fun. After each lesson she always provides email feedback and encouragement. I would most definitely recommend Hannah as a teacher!

by Kate Jennings on Happy Voices

Could not recommend Hannah more. In a matter of months she's done more with my voice than I actually thought possible and increased my confidence infinitely. Helping me to find techniques and placements specifically for me, rather than something generic. Never felt uncomfortable or nervous once, which is something considering she was probably the first person to actually hear me sing out loud! Massive thanks Hannah!

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