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Impress Your Friends & Family With Your Singing Voice

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Feedback from students:

“Could not recommend Hannah more. In a matter of months she’s done more with my voice than I actually thought possible and increased my confidence infinitely. Helping me to find techniques and placements specifically for me, rather than something generic. Never felt uncomfortable or nervous once, which is something considering she was probably the first person to actually hear me sing out loud!

Massive thanks!

-Kate Jennings

“I started working with Hannah just over 8 months ago. I was a complete novice. I had never sung in front of anyone before… Recently I have just been featured in my first musical as a minor principle and ensemble. Hannah is patient and extremely knowledgeable. She works with you to determine your ability and her vocal warm ups are great fun. After each lesson she always provides email feedback and encouragement. I would most definitely recommend Hannah as a teacher!”

– Iain Smith

Hannah is one of the most inspiring, truly talented and dedicated singing teachers I have had the chance to train under! Hannah has taught me a huge variety of techniques, explains thoroughly whats happening to the anatomy of the muscles whilst you are singing which has helped me in so many ways. It is also great to be given warm ups specifically for your voice

Thank you so much for everything.

– Amy Espie

Here is what

We’ll Teach You

The best techniques to strengthen your singing or speaking voice

Breath Control

You would think that after being a living, breathing human being, most people would know how to breathe properly when speaking or singing, but you’d be wrong! Learning to breathe properly is the foundational when it comes to speaking or singing, after all, that is what creates the sound. During your singing lessons, we will work together on breathing exercises that get you breathing in a way that is more beneficial for your vocal chords. On top of that, you’ll also come to understand the anatomy of your voice so you know exactly what is going on inside the larynx and thoracic area.

The Singing Mind-Set

The connection between the body and mind is understated. Few people realise that a lack of mental clarity will result in a much poorer performance whether that comes in the form of speaking, singing, dancing, acting, your work – pretty much anything! I can’t stress enough how important it is to be in the right frame of mind when you work on something. Luckily though, singing is a skill that can easily be made fun. There are a whole bunch of exercises that we can work on to relieve stress and quickly get you into the right mental space to start belting out your favourite songs in a happy and confident way.

Posture for Singing

If you ever look around in a coffee shop and look at the way people sit, you’ll notice how often people slouch. It’s nobody’s fault, we’ve been conditioned to sit and stand that way with all the comfy sofas and chairs around looking down at our phones and laptops. What many people don’t realise, however, is that a poor posture can affect the rest of your body too – especially your voice! Why is that? The nerves in your spine are interconnected with all areas of your body and so, if they are put in a position where they become blocked, you’ll get cramp. Also, with poor posture, you aren’t allowing yourself full space in your diaphragm to take the biggest breath possible. It’s a squeeze. It is tight. It is uncomfortable and unsupported! Our singing lessons will teach you exactly how you should be standing and sitting and if you apply these techniques to your everyday life, I’m confident that you will notice massive changes too.

Vocal Health

Caring for your voice isn’t just about not screaming at the top of your voice to your favourite band at every concert. It’s about dedicating time every day to nurture it. The vocal chords are muscles and just like if you don’t go to the gym, your muscles won’t grow – we need to work together to build vocal gym for you. It can get a lot deeper than that though! Caring for your voice can be extended right into your lifestyle – what you eat, how you exercise, if you smoke, your hydration levels and much more – all of which we can discuss.

How to make progress in a short space of time

Consistency, Not Perfection

It’s taken me a long time to get where I am in my singing and performing career. I’ve really had to work my socks off and graft. I put myself through a lot of practising to learn the techniques that I know now. I found that the best way to do that is to develop simple habits and everyday routines with suitable and timely rewards!

When students start asking too much from themselves by striving for an absolute perfect practice session, they lose heart and give up. What I want to help you realise is that making mistakes during practice is a good thing. It is those points that will help you learn and the more you fail and pick yourself up, the more resilient you will be in sticking to your original plan. Getting into the habit of picking yourself up after a mistake will not only improve your ability to sing, but your self-esteem will grow too.

Know Your Learning Style

Many people feel that the education they had at school wasn’t as good as it could have been. They never felt that the way they were being taught matched with them; things just didn’t sync together. Why do so many people feel this way? It’s to do with learning style. You’re probably aware of the different senses we’ve all got already: visual, hearing, smell, taste and touch, but did you know that they are learning styles too? And that each of these learning styles differs a lot individually? It’s true! The majority of the population are visual type learners – they learn by using their eyes and imagining things. And that’s the way that most teaching styles focus on; but for people who use other senses and stimuli to learn, they tend to get quite frustrated at what they are learning and instead of enjoying their topic, it soon becomes a burden. Well, that’s not what we want at all. We want students to really enjoy singing, so early on we try and really understand each student’s type of learning style in order to cater lessons to best suit them.

An Encouraging Singing Teacher

I’ve had a lot of singing teachers in my time so I know the difference between someone who is good, bad and also what makes someone truly great. One thing I noticed in particular from the teachers that really stood out was their attitude. They were always positive and cheerful when I arrived. It really calmed me down when I was nervous in my early days of learning to sing. Any time I had nerves, we would talk them through before we began to sing and it helped me a lot. That’s why we at Happy Voices have adopted a similar style to our lessons; a holistic approach that treats the mind and body as one function that feels connected.

How you can craft your own unique sound

Sing What You Enjoy

Our job as singing teachers is to bring the most out of you and your voice in order to reach your singing goal. Your commitment is a must! That’s why it’s really important that you actually enjoy what your doing. Say you have a particular song in mind that you really want to learn, that is excellent news, but perhaps it is slightly out of your skill level. In order to get you up to that level, we need to build you up to it so may start with a few simpler songs that aren’t quite as enjoyable. You need to understand, however, that by getting these songs under your belt, it will bring you closer to learning your initial song that you talked about. Once you are ready for it, we can then smash it out of the park! My point here is that together we will set a target to sing the songs that are right for you and also to practice with songs that will get you to that level as soon as possible.

Find Meaning In Your Songs

This is a bit more of an advanced level concept, but it is as simple as they come and really takes people to the next level when they sing. What we’re talking about here is finding meaning. You see, singing is just another form of communication. We are speaking in a tune. That’s all! Many people forget that; when they sing, it just becomes a dull sound that no-one listens to. Together, we will work on getting your communication skills to a level where you sing (and speak) with more meaning; your voices will begin to tell a story.

Bring Your Songs To Life

We’ll look deep into the feelings you can convey using your voice. You’ll be able to give your songs a sense of life and soul that gets people really drawn to your sound. To do this, it takes a lot of practice to get yourself to a point when emotion in your voice is truthful, but also controlled technically. Together, we’ll work on exercises that keep you in ‘the zone’ when you’re singing so that your vocal chords are working at their very best and precisely in line with what you want to communicate. It’s tricky, but worth it!

And Much MUCH More…

Yes, I want confidence in my voice

What Happy Voices is all about

At Happy Voices, based in Glasgow, we provide singing lessons to people from all sorts of background ranging from beginners who want to do karaoke, right through to professional performers who need a few tweaks to sort out their technique.

They do, however, all have one thing in common after our lessons – they are much happier and more confident with their voices.

There are all sorts of motivations for learning to sing.

We’ve had:

–  School teachers who wanted more respect in the classroom with a commanding voice

–  Teenagers who wanted to be the lead in their school show

–  Men and women who wanted to impress

–  People who wanted to get into drama school

–  Professionals Performers who wanted to nail their audition

And many many more…

There are two huge benchmarks though that underpin learning to sing: happiness and confidence.

It’s simpler than you think to learn to sing.

You’ll soon find your way around the right techniques, exercises and practice to craft your very own sound.

All it takes is getting the right singing teacher…


It’s absolutely vital that you enjoy singing, music and the process of learning. It gives you the urge to keep going and the motivation to practice as hard as you possibly can between each lesson.

It’s important for you to have a smashing time during your lessons too. If you have a singing teacher that leaves you feeling deflated after every lesson, you won’t feel particularly encouraged to push on and learn.

 How Do We Know This?

With a background in performance, all our teachers have had a number of singing lessons from a huge range of singing teachers: good ones, terrible ones and great ones that transformed our voices. The amazing singing teachers are rare, but we know what it is like to train with them. That’s why we set our standards so high to be the best singing teachers in Glasgow and Scotland. 


Learning a new skill (or even getting better at an existing one) is all about setting yourself goals and doing practice right? Right!

Thing is though, practice is hard. There is nothing like coming to your singing teacher and getting a knock to your confidence if the lesson hasn’t gone so great.

Learning to sing is all about building yourself up with lots of little milestones. After each lesson, you’ll get a confidence boost which will encourage you to get even better and hit your next milestone.

Singing Lessons Glasgow